Welcome to Clique of 10! We’re all about helping you make friends, whilst keeping things safe. Here’s a quick guide on how we handle your information and the kind of behaviour we want (and don’t want) to see in our Community.
  1. Agreeing to Our Terms
    1. By accessing our website, you accept our Terms and Conditions.
  2. How We Handle Your Info
    1. When you share your info with us, you’re trusting us to take good care of it. We collect, store, and use your data according to the rules laid out here, always aiming to bring more value to your Clique of 10 experience.
  3. Use and sharing of information
    1. We never sell, trade, or rent out your details. We only share your information in ways that benefit you, limited to the following:
      1. Keeping You Posted: We’ll tell you all about the exciting upcoming Clique of 10 events and updates on our development.
      2. Finding Your Perfect Clique: We share your WhatsApp number only with top-pick friend matches—no one else. Please do not sign up to Clique of 10, if you are not comfortable with this.
      3. Ads that actually help: Occasionally, we use your phone number and email address to create “lookalike” audiences on platforms like Meta and TikTok. This helps us show our adverts to people similar to you, increasing the likelihood of them joining our community (which then benefits you). If you prefer that we not use your contact details for these purposes, please contact us at heyfriends@cliqueof10.org to opt out.
  4. Friend-Matching and Your Choices
    1. Our friend-matching isn’t just random—it’s based on the preferences and interests you share with us. This isn’t considered automated decision-making that would affect your legal rights, but it is a way we use technology to help you find compatible friends.
  5. Protecting Your Data
    1. While we implement robust technological measures to protect your data, no system is 100% perfect. By using our site, you understand the risks and agree to take them on.
  6. Your Rights Over Your Data
    1. You can request to view your data, update your data, ask us to delete your data, or tell us to stop contacting you, at any time by simply emailing us with that request on heyfriends@cliqueof10.org
  7. Updates to Terms and Conditions
    1. We might change things up now and then. If we do, we’ll drop you a line at the email you provided.
  8. Got Questions?
    1. If anything’s unclear or you just want to chat about our practices, email us at heyfriends@cliqueof10.org. We do listen.
  9. Community Guidelines for all Clique of 10 related online-communities

  10. Consent & Respect
    1. Engage with others only with their consent (this means that you can’t directly message them without receiving their consent to do so) and respect their differences to foster a welcoming environment.
  11. Zero Tolerance Policy
    1. Harassment, bullying, gossiping, and any form of intimidation are strictly prohibited.
  12. Privacy
    1. Keep shared personal information confidential. Seek explicit permission before sharing outside the group.
  13. Honest Communication
    1. Share information truthfully. Misinformation harms community trust.
  14. Adhere to Rules
    1. Groups may have additional rules that go beyond these Community Guidelines. Respect the specific rules within each group and familiarise yourself with them to ensure positive interactions.
  15. Reporting & Consequences
    1. Report Community Guidelines violations promptly to heyfriends@cliqueof10.org. Providing screenshots or other evidence will be helpful. Those who violate the Guidelines may receive warnings, temporary removals or permanent removal from the Community, based on the severity and/or frequency of the violation, at our discretion.
  16. Content Sensitivity
    1. Be mindful when discussing sensitive topics. Use content warnings to protect members’ well-being.
  17. No Unsolicited Ads
    1. no advertising and spam is permissible, except where it is directly related to helping people make friends in a clear and obvious manner
  18. Supportive Engagement
    1. Actively participate within any groups you choose to join, as inactivity can lead to removal from that specific group (but not removal from the Community as a whole)