Why build Clique of 10?

Because people need real friends

Much of the world feels lonely

Nearly two-thirds of people don’t feel closely connected with others. Around 50% say that they experience loneliness often
The State of Social Connections (2022)
Gallup Inc and Meta

And loneliness makes you sick

Loneliness and social isolation is worse for your health than air pollution, obesity, heavy smoking, and excessive drinking.
Loneliness & social isolation as risk factors for mortality (2015)
Holt-Lunstad, Smith et al.

Having real friends help when times get tough

Having close friendships isn’t just about having people you can vibe with; they’re your lifeline when life gets real ugly, scary and dangerous
Social capital and community resilience (2015)
Aldrich, Meyer

Great friends are like a superpower

Close relationships fill life with meaning, and motivation to take on the world. These bonds aren’t just nice-to-haves, they’re your secret sauce for a life filled with purpose and power.
What Makes Life Meaningful? Views From 17 Advanced Economies (2021)
Silver, Van Kessel et al. (Pew Research Center)


A world where we recognize that relationships are just as essential to our well-being as the air we breathe and the food we eat, is a world where everyone is healthier, physically and mentally. It is a world where we respect and value one another, where we look out for one another, and where we create opportunities to uplift one another. A world where our highs are higher because we celebrate them together; where our lows are more manageable because we respond to them together; and where our recovery is faster because we grieve and rebuild together. We can choose, in short, to take the core values that make us strong—love, kindness, respect, service, and commitment to one another—and reflect them in the world we build for ourselves and our children.
Dr Vivek H. Murthy,
Surgeon General of the United States
Vice Admiral, United States Public Health Service


In trying to solve how best to connect with each other, we can look around and see religions, schools, and associations of all kinds; we see social networks, the internet and smartphones. And yet for so many, all these inventions fail them. Clique of 10 is here to fill that gap. We take into account your unique identity and steer you smoothly towards others like you, those who fit you, and help you turn them from strangers into a family of friends. This is why we exist.